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Amazing Therapists and Doctors! Helped our son recover visual function and comfort after a concussion/ brain injury from an auto accident. They provided exceptional care, communication and professional skill with fun and friendly people! Great value and life changing therapy/optometry care.
2 years ago
- Elizabeth K.
My daughter has been going for vision therapy. It has quite honestly changed her life. She has issues with depth and now can ride a bike, and play tennis. Her therapist is AMAZING. Very positive and has been a blessing to our daughter. I can't speak enough of the positive changes that has happened because of Omni Vision and Learning. Love this place and the people!
2 years ago
- Michelle
Our son was diagnosed with ADD in the 4th grade. It wasn't until he was in 11th grade when we found Omni Vision. Long story short, he didn't have ADD but he had eye issues that prevented him from excelling. He has spent the entire school year attending Omni 1 hr/1 day per week & doing home exercises. He is off meds and is excelling in school-thanks to the FABULOUS staff at Omni Vision!
4 years ago
- Julie R.