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“We have the best vision therapist in the state in your hometown” that’s what my concussion doctor said. He was absolutely right! I have had the best care and treatment. Thank you all!
2 months ago
- Linda L.
Omni Vision was amazing with our son, Alex. The diagnostic testing done at intake clearly showed there was a problem with the way his eyes tracked, which contributed to his struggles with reading and writing. Tristan was so very patient with Alex, and helped him through the struggles with training his eyes. She was supportive, understanding, but also stuck to the treatment program. She did a great job explaining things to us as parents, and we appreciated her feedback along the way. Our son moved from elementary to middle school this year, and I wasn’t sure how things would go. We are happy to say he has an A in language arts the first trimester of sixth grade! I attribute much of his success to Tristan in the Omni Vision program.
2 months ago
- Greg M.
Staff was amazing to work with and really showed such care and support to work with us!!
2 months ago
- healing u.
Our child was struggling with reading. We decided to do an assessment with Omni and realized they had issues with tracking and as well as other visual concepts. We had a great care plan and homework assignments over the course of 6 months. Our vision therapist connected with us and provided a great safe space for our child. After 6 months, they graduated from vision therapy. We are so pleased with our child’s current reading level and comprehension, and confidence in school work. Additionally they are seeing gains in sports too!
2 months ago
- Samantha O.
I would recommend Omni Vision and Learning Center to anyone! All of the staff are kind, compassionate, understanding, and work hard to provide quality care for their patients.
2 months ago
- Melissa W.
Both of my boys went to Omni and Vision for similar but different concerns. Both received excellent care that was very individualized and specific to their needs. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff was to work with. They were always cheerful, energetic and made each session fun for my kids. I also appreciated how they helped me as a parent understand what they were working on, and what I could do at home to help. Both of my boys made huge progress with their vision, and if they have ‘off’ days we now know what to do to get back on track. I truly can’t say enough good things about Omni Vision and Learning.
2 months ago
- Levi T.
I was referred to Omni Vision by my Concussion Dr for Vision Therapy. I was struggling with so many things that I didn’t know what was happening to me. Thankfully the staff at Omni understood and were able to see the steps before I got there. I’ve since graduated and I’m so grateful for Omni. I’ve got the skills to keep me going and I know that if needed I can always go back. If I could give them 10/5 stars I would!
2 months ago
- Shannon A.