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Laura Slack

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Therapist/ Office administrator

Laura has been working at Omni since 2015. She has experience with home therapy with her youngest son, who was diagnosed with Amblyopia and Strabismus at 3 years old. She started bringing him to therapy when he was 4 years old. She is still working with him at home to help him to maintain and increase on the many skills he has obtained through Vision Therapy. Her favorite part of her job is constantly learning new skills and new information. Each patient and each session brings on a new discovery, a new challenge, and a new accomplishment. She values each patient individually and enjoys the customized approach that Omni allows her to use during therapy. She loves being a part of a work place that is so passionate about what they do and who have a genuine love for helping people learn how to use their visual system more efficiently and improve their quality of life.

When Laura is not at Omni, she enjoys being with her husband and 4 boys. She also enjoys reading, running, traveling, volunteering at her church, and working part-time as a receptionist at a Chiropractic office.