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Kim Kampa

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Office Manager

Kim has been with Omni Vision & Learning Center since the doors opened November 2011. She has brought with her 15+ years of customer service experience, as well as some at-home Vision Therapy experience. Kim is very passionate about Vision Therapy as she has two children who each have successfully completed a Vision Therapy program which has helped them excel in school. (One for convergence insufficiency and the other for amblyopia and depth perception) Kim loves working with the parents that contact Omni Vision & Learning Center; listening to them, answering any questions that they have about what Vision Therapy is, how it works and what the process is. She will also be the one to schedule the appointments. She loves seeing the kids come into the office and get the help they need to succeed in life. Kim enjoys getting to know the kids and hearing the progress they make during their program of care. “I can see that now” or “I’m not seeing two”! It’s wonderful to be part of each child’s success.