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Amanda Holm C.O.V.T.

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Amanda joined our team in February 2013. She comes to Omni Vision and Learning Center with experience being a reading tutor. She has a passion for reading and helping children experience the wonders that books can bring to them. She also has at-home vision therapy experience. Her son is being treated for convergence insufficiency, accommodative disorder, and ocular motor dysfunction in pursuits and saccades. With the at-home experience, she has been able to see the benefits that vision therapy can bring to a child and is excited to have the opportunity to help other children have the same success that her son has had. She is thankful to be part of a team that is so passionate about what they do and is excited to help children learn how to use their eyes!

Outside of Omni, Amanda likes to spend her time reading, running, camping, cooking, and spending time with her husband Justin and their three kids, Ava, Andrew, and Aynsley.