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COVID-19 Virus Office Guidelines

Dear Omni Vision & Learning Center Family,

In light of the changing climate surrounding the COVID-19 virus Omni Vision & Learning Center will be instituting some stricter and newer guidelines for our office.

Beginning on Monday March 16th and extending (for now) until April 4th, we will follow the protocols below to reduce the potential spread of this virus and to aid in the efforts to “flatten the curve” and reduce the severity and number of individuals who might be tragically impacted by this virus.

We have always had a careful hygienic protocol in our office but here are some precautions that go “above and beyond” our normal process – please note that some items IN BOLD may be asking YOU – our patients to do something DIFFERENT as well:

  1. We are asking patients who are age 60 or older to consider re-scheduling for April or later – while we are not “requiring this” – we are strongly encouraging it. [note: age 60 came from the CDC].
  2. We will be asking all patients to use a hand disinfectant called Pure and Clean (we supply) at each step in their office experience. We will also continue to clean each work area following each patient thoroughly with Pure and Clean.
  3. We ask any patient (or person accompanying a patient) who has a cold or flu-like symptoms to reschedule or set up for teletherapy as noted in #7 below. This also includes exposure to anyone in your household who has flu or cold symptoms.
  4. We will reschedule any ‘non-critical/business-related’ outside visitors (company representatives or ‘vendors’) to April or later.
  5. We do not believe the typical paper or cotton masks provide any benefit – and, because we are not specifically dealing with infected individuals we want to reserve those masks for the front-line health care workers. However, we will all practice our safe distance when you are in the office.
  6. We will enforce a NO FOOD OR DRINK of ANY KIND any-where in the office for patients and team members – while the food isn’t the problem, eating and drinking involves “hand-to-mouth” motion and may contribute to a “touch” – then “infect” scenario. We currently do not allow our staff any food or drink in public areas but we will also be removing our water and treats as well.
  7. If you feel you are uncomfortable coming into the clinic we do have the option of scheduling your same time and session on TELETHERAPY. This will require a phone or device with a camera and we will provide you with the details to set this up should you choose to do teletherapy in lieu of office therapy. There will be no additional fees for this service and is considered a complete therapy session as if you were in the office. Please email your therapist to find out more information or to set this up.

It is our hope that these days of uncertainty will draw us toward a steady, thoughtful, caring and reasoned approach to our surroundings and our approach to the communities we live within. While it is not a time to ‘panic’ – we can play a part in reducing the severity and impact of this disease on the most vulnerable among us.

We will continue to keep all our families in our prayers and remember Philippians 4:6-7 which states:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

— Dr. Mary Gregory and the Omni Team