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Mar 17

Up Your Game with Vision Therapy

Many of us take actions to improve our bodies and our physical abilities. We exercise to improve our cardio health, flexibility, and strength. We practice musical instruments to ingrain those movements into our muscle memory for better proficiency. We watch our diet to make sure we’re getting the right nutrients at the right times for […]

Jan 24

Missions Trip to Panama

Dr Gregory recently ventured on on a missions trip to Panama. The trip was coordinated through an organization called VOSH Minnesota with the purpose of providing eye care and glasses to people without the resources and infrastructure to get the necessary care themselves. Through the generous efforts of 12 doctors and 27 helpers, 1,828 eye […]

Nov 7

Treating Traumatic Brain Injury with Syntonic Phototherapy

Approximately one and a half to four million concussions occur in the United States every year. This number is hard to nail down because, well, so are the symptoms and diagnosis of concussions – and many concussions aren’t reported. Thanks to continuing medical research and emerging public awareness, we are all learning that concussions are […]

Sep 19

Eyes as the Windows to Health: Syntonic Phototherapy

Better sleep. Improved digestion. Heightened productivity and motivation. Would you believe it’s possible to achieve these things and more – by staring at colored lights? Understanding Syntonic Phototherapy (Light Therapy) While this all may sound like the vague promises of a newfound “miracle” pill, syntonic phototherapy – or light therapy – has been used clinically […]