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Sep 9

Johanna’s Success Story

Since graduating from eye therapy I have noticed that I can actually read and comprehend what I have read while other things are going on around me (such as a noisy classroom). Everyday things like a word find on a back of a cereal box are now enjoyable! My physical coordination is better and I didn’t even know that would be an outcome of eye therapy. Big “Shout Out” to every one at Omni for supporting me and not letting me give up! Actually looking forward to the academic side of college.

I would recommend eye therapy to others.
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Johanna H.

I have scanned Johanna’s success story. Things are so improved. Only regret is we didn’t know about this years ago. I know she wouldn’t have quit piano but I know why she did now. I cannot imagine those notes moving around on the page. That girl has got brain power for sure! All the memorizing she has done over the years and her own “work arounds”. Amazing child I have. It makes me cry as I write to you. We are so grateful. Johanna is getting ready to take her ACT’s again and she is doing it with excitement! We appreciate that all of you worked with us over the move too.

I am so grateful for Dr. Gregory asking me how Johanna was at my eye appointment or we still would not have known and I feared, at that time, that Johanna wanted to & would quit high school. God lead me in the right direction as always!

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Thank you to all of you.
Kathy H.