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Holiday Toy & Gift Guide 2019

Holiday Developmental Toy & Gift Guide
Once again we are already back to the Holiday Season. It’s been a wonderful year filled with lots of hard work, games and fun in the therapy clinic. As we are looking for gifts this year, let’s continue the learning and growth our children have achieved all year. Nothing makes me happier than when I know our children are playing with a really awesome gift and I know their brains are developing some serious skills at the same time.

Studies continue to show that hands on learning is the best. This means the oldies but goodies remain at the top of the list for brain development and stimulation. For those of us who grew up without electronics we can think back to all the gifts and toys we received as children. While these favorites from our childhood may seem old and outdated to some, many are actually still available (only now listed as “vintage”). Ha! Some of these toys have actually made a popular reappearance in the market. Others have never gone away such as Barbies, blocks, LEGOs and board games.

Play-Doh Kids

Play-Doh is an excellent tool and a fun craft for developing your child’s fine motor control.

Dr Gregory’s List of Fun Developmental Toys & Gifts for the Holiday Season

Below is my list from previous years with a few new items. I have separated them by developmental category although many of them do overlap in their benefits. We use many of these in the office at Omni Vision & Learning Center and they are tried and true favorites.

Eye Hand Coordination

Building sets like LEGOs, magnets, Jenga, Magformers, K’NEX. Fishin Around, Operation, KerPlunk, Simon, 3D puzzles, Magna-tiles, Hyper Toss, Bounce Off, and Marble Run.

Fine Motor Control

Play-Doh, lacing cards, Perler beads, coloring books, etch a sketch, lite brite, sand art, stained glass made easy, farm cube puzzle, origami crafts, beading, loom boards, geo boards, Abalone, and Gravity Maze.

Visual Perception or Visual Thinking Games

Parquetry blocks, puzzles, LEGOs, Where’s Waldo, Seek and Find books, Perplexus, Spot it, Acuity, Battleship, Labyrinth, Set, Simon, Rush Hour, checkers, Perfection, Memory, Rubik’s cube, Q-bitz, Blink, Suspend, Gears, Gears, Gears, Swish, Gravity maze, Maze-O, GeoSmart flip bot, Chocolate Fix, Pictureka, Blockus, Make N Break, Quick Cups, Otrio, Rubiks Cube board game, Sequence, Clue, Geobrix, Zingo, Pengoloo, and Trucky.


Any imaginative play toys: dolls, kitchen sets, building sets, dress up costumes like firemen and policemen, secret decoder set, magic set, Crayola color chemistry set.

Dolls & Kitchen Sets

Dolls & kitchen sets make great imaginative play toys.

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