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Apr 8

Cooper’s Testimony: A Vision Therapy Success Story

vision therapy success story“The words always jump around, isn’t that what you see?” I remember that day in Dr Gregory’s office very well. That simple sentence from my seven year old nearly brought me to tears for it was the day we realized that his behavior at school had nothing to do with maturity, his smarts, his age or his personality but his eyes.

For the past two years Cooper had been labeled as a trouble maker, unwilling to sit still, slow to learn to read, and difficult to motivate. He was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency or the inability to team his eyes together. In fact his eyes were working so hard to make things clear that he was already trying to shut off one eye to accommodate.

Nine months of eye exercises and vision therapy later with perfectly working eyes, he has jumped 5 reading levels in 4 months, does math and spelling all in his head and can see hockey pucks coming at him so well that he now wants to be a goalie. I don’t remember the last time he was in trouble at school.

Dr. Gregory and her team approached his therapy from all angles, using his strengths, interests and his love of trampolines to customize his lessons to give him the biggest chance for success. We will forever grateful to Dr Gregory and the staff at Omni Vision for unlocking Cooper’ s potential.”

– Shelley Peterson
Proud Parent of a thriving 2nd Grader!