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May 17

5 Reasons You May Want to Consider Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can benefit many people, but many people don’t think about vision therapy when considering solutions to vision problems. Here are 5 reasons why vision therapy is an option you may want to consider.

  1. It can reduce the need or use of glasses and/or contacts. Glasses and contacts help you see better by providing an extra artificial lens that distorts light passing through it into your eyes. That distortion is the perfect amount of distortion needed for your eyes to be able to see clearly: two negatives create a positive. But glasses cannot fix the source of the problem, eliminating your need for them. But vision therapy holds that potential. With certain vision problems, vision therapy can train your eyes so that the strength of your glasses/contacts can be reduced; in best-case scenarios, the need for glasses or contacts can be removed completely!
  2. It can be an alternative to surgery. If the idea of getting surgery on your eyes makes you uncomfortable or is not an option, vision therapy may be able to help, depending on the source of the vision problems. It is non-invasive and does not require medications or anesthetic drops.
  3. All ages can benefit from vision therapy. While children typically respond especially well to vision therapy because their visual systems are still developing, adults often respond well, too. The brain and muscles can be trained at any age, and vision therapy is a great way to improve eyesight for certain vision conditions.
  4. Vision therapy treatment may help children with vision-related learning disabilities. Some learning disabilities are confused with vision problems, and some are associated directly with vision problems. Through vision therapy, children’s brains are trained to process visual information in a faster, more efficient way so that they can see better, which can translate into reading better, solving math problems faster, and improving their overall ability to learn visual information.
  5. Improvement in sports and overall coordination. Vision is strategic to understanding and processing quickly your understanding of a situation, making a decision and then telling your brain how to respond.  In baseball all this happens in less than 1 second!  Training your brain and vision to work accurately and quickly increases your ability in eye hand coordination and sports.

It’s easy to find out if your specific vision problems can be reduced or corrected with vision therapy. Simply pick up the phone and contact your eye doctor or call Omni Vision and Learning Center at 763-314-0664! We can tell you whether or not your vision can be helped with vision therapy, and we can answer any questions you have about how long it may take, how much it may cost, and how often you would do the therapy. Just give us a call at our listed number!