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Dec 12

Holiday Toy & Gift Guide 2019

Once again we are already back to the Holiday Season. It’s been a wonderful year filled with lots of hard work, games and fun in the therapy clinic. As we are looking for gifts this year, let’s continue the learning and growth our children have achieved all year. Nothing makes me happier than when I […]

Dec 10

Holiday Toy & Gift Guide 2018

This is a busy time of year and on most people’s to-do list includes a little shopping.  Yet it’s sometimes difficult to know what to get children.  Of course, they want electronics, and I admit that would be on my list too.  But as parents we want to be sure we are giving gifts that […]

Oct 1

School Success through Good Vision

To do well in school, children need a few different things. Along with family support, self-discipline, and resilience, you may be surprised to learn that good vision is a vital part of students’ success. Good vision crosses all subjects – reading, writing, and using computers are just some of the many tasks kids perform at […]

Aug 20

August is Vision and Learning Month!

August is here, and with it comes the start of a new school year! Not coincidentally, August also marks Vision and Learning Month. In 1995, the month of August was declared National Children’s Vision and Learning month. The goal of this observance is to help parents and even educators learn about the link between learning […]